Leavers hoodies

Our amazing leavers hoodies are the perfect souvenir to mark the end of primary school!

High quality, 100% cotton hoodies are available in a variety of colours to suit all.

Not only are they fantastic value, we have an offer included that you simply can't refuse. For every hoodie we sell, we will donate 10% of the sale directly back to your school or PTA fund. There is no catch and no small print, it really is as simple as that!


Design Options

We offer 2 options for the front of the hoodie:

  1. Your school logo embroidered onto the front of the hoodie. The logo must contain no more than 6 thread colours and a high-quality image of the logo must be provided.
  2. Printed name of the school on the left breast. This is a simpler option that allows us to keep costs lower for your parents.

All our hoodies come complete with the word LEAVERS across the shoulders, the number 23 which will contain the names of the children. This is completed in white high quality screen print
Hoodies are available in a variety of colours and we recommend offering 4 or 5 different options. This is to allow children to both have a fond memento of their time at your school while being able to choose their favourite colour.
1 / 6
2 / 6
3 / 6
4 / 6
5 / 6
6 / 6


Royal Blue
Hot Pink



    We use only the best quality hoodies made from 100% ring spun cotton and have professional screen printing and embroidery machinery.  Despite all of this, we keep our prices competitive and remember we donate 10% of sales back to school or PTA funds.  Our minimum order quantity is 15 but please contact us for a formal quote.  Example prices for child sizes (up to and including 12/13 years) are below.   Should any adult sizes be required, there will be a £1.50 surcharge per hoodie.

    Quantity Printed Logo Embroidered Logo Child's Name
    15-29 £22.00 £24.00 + £1.50
    30-74 £20.00 £22.00 + £1.50
    75 -100 £18.50 £20.00 + £1.50

    How it works

    Organising leavers hoodies can be a daunting process but at All Sewn up, we will take care of almost everything in 4 easy steps:

    Once you have decided on the hoodie colours and design options, we will work with you to provide high resolution proofs. If you have chosen an embroidered logo, we will also provide a photograph of your logo for sign off to ensure both colour and design match your existing uniform. If you are providing us with the names of your leavers upfront, we will also complete the rear design for your approval at this stage.
    You know your parents the best and communicating with them is the one part we leave to you.  To make it easier, we provide both a sample letter and posters to make even this part as easy as it can be.  You can see a copy of that here
    Now it's time to sit back and relax! Parents order and pay directly via our website. We do recommend a final reminder to parents via text message or letter as we approach the ordering deadline but, apart from that, we'll take care of everything. If we are collecting child names during the ordering process, once the order deadline has passed, we will confirm the collected name and provide a proof of the rear design for your approval.
    We will also provide a report advising exact purchases and confirming the donation to be made. No money handling for school except accepting the donation! 👍
    Within 10-14 days of approving the read design, your hoodies will be delivered to school. Each hoodie will be individually packaged with customer details attached for easy distribution. At the same time, we will pay the 10% commission into either the school or PTA via bank transfer.



    We would love to talk with you about options and provide a personalised quote and to get started, please complete the form below.  We also provide this handy leaflet in case you need to share the idea at something like a PTA meeting --> please click here.

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